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How Event Videography Elevates Your Brand

Here are the top 10 advantages of having your next event covered by a professional video production Seattle company.

1. Sharing with Absentees

Exciting event videos make us all wish we were there. So, choose the best events production company to film your event and share it with those who didn’t make it. This way, you capture the event’s spirit on camera instead of missing out on all that positive, energetic atmosphere. Once you share great content with absentees, rest assured there’ll be better attendance next time.

2. Quarterly or Year-End Highlights

A professional video production Seattle company can also build a highlight reel from your past event footage. Use these reels not only for advertising and marketing but also to mark significant company milestones and improve your team’s motivation. A professional reel also helps you to look forward to another year of exciting events as your company grows.

3. Gather Testimonials and Feedback

Your video production Seattle company will capture your customer feedback as your event unfolds. Remember that video doesn’t lie, so you’re sure to get the most honest feedback when you record it live on video.

You’ll also gain valuable insights if you share your event videos on your social media pages. The likes, shares, comments, and other engagement data go right back into your business to improve your marketing and lead generation efforts.

4. In-House Training Materials

High-quality video production is necessary for all your company’s internal events, especially seminars, presentations, and other training programs. Use this video content to improve your employee onboarding process or introduce new tools and ideas to your team. The content could be anything from how-to videos to raising mental health awareness through your company videos. For these reasons, it’s no surprise that many organizations keep an event production Seattle company on a retainer to capture internal events.

5. Clear Performance Evidence

Video footage of presentations reveals where your communication strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities lie. For example, speakers who appear shy or lack confidence can take concrete steps to improve their presentation styles. Apply this to sales pitches, audience engagements, negotiations, customer service interactions, and more.

6. Potential Content Monetization

You can sell it as part of your product offerings if you have an outstanding professional speaker or presentation captured on video. Think of member-only content as part of a subscription service or a scheduled live event for virtual audiences to register.

Your event production Seattle company can cut trailers to promote this content to share on all your social platforms.

7. Get the Right Attention at Trade Shows

The secret to successful trade show videos is to create content that works with and without audio. Use texts and graphics that draw the eye and a soundtrack that works within the venue’s noise restrictions.

Once you capture your leads, match your visuals with a great sales pitch to convert them into paying customers. Choose an event production Seattle company to help you develop the best trade show videos for your specific business.

8. Reduce Learning Curves

We generally learn better with video content compared to audio and written materials. In fact, 65% of people are visual learners, while 30% prefer to learn by hearing.

Excellent corporate event videos help in every aspect of learning:

  •  Inform your audience about your products and services
  • Encourage customer self-selection
  • Train your team about using a new workplace integration and much more.

A professional video production Seattle company can help you achieve these learning goals.

9. Close Deals Faster

Invest in outstanding event videos to save precious time in your sales cycle. Here are a few examples:

  • Live product demonstrations
  • An expert speaking in a webinar
  • A showreel of your inventory
  • A collection of client testimonials

Your video production Seattle partner can help you develop a script that captures just what your audience needs to know about your business. Your content should clearly state:

  • Who you are as a brand?
  • How your products or services add value to their lives
  • Who your target market is?
  • What makes you the best solution for them?

Communicate all this and more through your live event video productions. How creative you get with your messaging is all up to you!

10. Build Your Credibility

Clients love a well-shot, well-edited showreel of your business events and testimonials. These boost your reputation in your industry. A collection of past live events shows your customers that you can deliver and are more likely to choose you over the competition.

Promote professional videos on your company website and social pages to improve your brand image and awareness.

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