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Record With Seattle’s Lost Boys Studios

Located in MP Studios, Kirkland, WA, Lost Boys Studios has quickly become one of Washington State’s most in demand recording studios. Founded in 2016 by Milo Eubank, Lost Boys is now home to a team of top tier engineers and producers specializing in a wide range of genres including hip-hop, RnB, pop, and rock. Our goal is to provide a creative space for all artists and help bring the highest quality to their music. Contact us to book a session.

Lost Boys Studios was founded in 2016 by Grammy-nominated mixing engineer Milo Eubank after noticing a shift in the music industry. Artists were becoming increasingly less reliant on major record labels and corporate recording studios for successful releases. Seeing this as a positive and wanting to fill a void in the Seattle area, Milo created Lost Boys with the goal of providing a creative space for all artists while still getting the highest quality out of their music.

Home to top tier engineers and producers, the most modern outboard gear, microphones, and plug-ins, there’s a reason Lost Boys has quickly become one of the most in-demand studios in Washington State.

Here at Lost Boys we believe Seattle is quickly on its way to becoming one of the hottest hubs for music in the United States and we are doing everything we can to play a role in that transformation. Our team is determined to help you grow as an artist, bring your artistic vision to life and help present it to the world. Contact us to book a session.

  • Per hour $80
  • Hours minimum 2
  • Deposit 50%
  • Sony C800G
  • Telefunkin U47
  • Neumann U87
  • Blue Microphones Bottle w/B6 & B7 Caps
  • Manley Reference
  • Shure SM7B
  • RE20
  • Neve 1073 x 2
  • Tube Tech CL1B
  • SSL Fusion
  • Bricasti M7 Reverb
  • Burl B32 Analog Summing Mixer
  • Burl B2 Converter
  • Aurora Lynx
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Bring out the best in your vocal performance with professional recording in our state-of-the-art vocal booth and our assortment of high-end microphones used by the best in the biz.

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Both highly technical and creative, mixing is a critical step towards ensuring your artistic vision reaches listeners in its best form. Work with our highly talented engineers to bring your music to the next level.

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Whether you want to record live instruments or you want a producer to make custom instrumentals for you, our in-house producers can help replicate your song as you hear in your head.


Consisting of some the best and brightest engineers in the PNW, there’s a reason Lost Boys is one of Seattle’s most in demand studios. Our team has members from all musical backgrounds so you can be sure that whatever your style or genre, we have the man to fit the job. If there is a specific engineer you’re interested in working with feel free to contact them directly for booking.

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